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You as an exhibitor are the center of attention

PRODEX implements the digital fair concept of Industry+, which places you as an exhibitor in the center of the fair: Not the special show, the well-known keynote speaker or the top catering on the networking zone, but you are the attraction.


How does the digital trade fair concept work?

1.      Before the fair, you publish what visitors can experience at your booth: new products,   

         application examples, exhibits, etc. = your content

2.      Visitors discover your content and plan their visit with numerous online tools

3.      Interested visitors come to your booth to experience your content live


What content can you present?

In addition to an attractive exhibitor profile, your trade fair presence includes the presentation of two pieces of content: 

  • 1 product or service highlight: Here you present a product or service that you would like to highlight at the trade fair, e.g. a novelty.
  • 1 showcase: Here you present an application example, which means your product or service in action. This can be, for example, a customer story or a demonstrator that you show at the trade fair.


What are your benefits?

  • More visitors at your booth
  • You reach new customers, who do not know your company yet
  • Visitors prepare for the discussions with you

  • Visitors arrange appointments with you in advance

  • Easier visitor mobilization thanks to attractive content

  • Various statistics on the reach of your content



Would you like to present more content and reach more potential new customers?

Then expand your trade fair presence into the digital world with the new online marketing offer Memtec.plus. Instead of 2 pieces of content, you can now present 8 pieces that can be found not only on the trade fair website, but 365 days a year on Memtec.plus.

To experience your trade fair presence online, we will produce a free video with you at the fair. If you do not have the resources to create your content, we will be happy to support you with the Content Creation option.


  PRODEX PRODEX and Memtec.plus
   Provider profile 120 days on PRODEX website

120 days on PRODEX website

365 days on Memtec.plus

   Presented content 2 on PRODEX website

8 on PRODEX website

8 on Memtec.plus

   Free video production

   at  PRODEX

- 1 video
   Price booth booth + CHF 1'908.-


   Content Creation

- CHf 1'068.-


>>> Learn more about Memtec.plus und book your presence



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